Shellac Removal

It is so important when using Shellac that the product is removed properly!

First and foremost, you should never peel gel polish off of your nails. It may not seem like any damage was done, but you do take layers of your nail plate with the polish each time. This will eventually lead to your nails becoming weak and thin. And the worst part, your shellac won’t stay on anymore! Proper removal ensures that your nails stay healthy.

Next, you need to make sure you have the right products.

  • hand file (for brands other than CND)
  • pure acetone (non-acetone remover won’t do)
  • foil remover wraps (foil and cotton balls can be substituted here)
  • plastic-backed lint free pad

Now you’re ready to start the removal process. If you are wearing a gel polish by a brand other than CND, you will need to file the shiny top layer of polish off before beginning these steps.

  • Soak the cotton in acetone (I like Offly Fast by CND; its macadamia oil conditions the skin rather than dry it out).
  • Wrap finger in foil placing the cotton over the nail. You’ll want to squeeze the foil snug around your fingers.
  • Leave the foil on for 8 minutes.
  • Applying slight pressure, use a twisting motion to pull the foil and product from the nail. If any product remains you can re-wrap the nail for a few more minutes and repeat.
  • If necessary, rub the nail with a plastic-backed, lint-free pad saturated with acetone to remove any residue.
  • Massage some solar oil into the nail and surrounding skin and you’re done!

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